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Discover Science-based Optimization for Detection Canines

We're not a dog vendor, we're an independent source of innovation and research concerning the use of dogs for detection. Having spent the last 10 years solving the hardest problems associated with successfully integrating dogs into dismounted combat patrols in Iraq and Afghanistan, our vision is to transition the research results and “lessons learned” from that experience to forward-thinking government and commercial organizations in the US.


In Iraq and Afghanistan, our science-based solutions to formerly intractable problems resulted in operationally relevant high-performing dogs. We forever changed the art of the possible for standoff detection of commercial explosives and broke new ground in the detection of homemade explosives.


With a combined 40+ years of detection dog training experience, and an unparalleled grasp of peer-reviewed canine research, we can provide authoritative outside evaluation of canine programs and lean-forward recommendations to prepare against current and coming threats.


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