As technical canine subject matter experts (SME), and experienced government program managers, we have been involved in most of the cutting-edge canine research and development conducted in the US over the last 10 years. Our objective analysis and pragmatic approach provide management with the facts they need to make executive decisions.

We have Master's degrees in Education from the University of West Florida, providing us with alternate perspectives for problem-solving across the dog and handler continuum and expertise in web-based and classroom curriculum development.

Joseph (Joe) Albuquerque

Lisa Albuquerque

 Consulting Projects:
  • Concept developer and lead SME for the highly successful IED Detector Dog (IDD) experiment conducted under the auspices of the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, Quantico, VA.
  • Primary onsite point of contact for the Marine Corps during the integration of 21 IDD teams to three battalions during their 30-day Mojave Viper exercises at 29 Palms California.
  • By-name requested by General Dunford, USMC, to support Marine Corps Operational and Test Activity (MCOTEA) assessment of performance of over 100 IDDs supporting dismounted patrols at forward operating bases in Afghanistan. Results of the assessment validated the capability provided by the IDDs but also identified shortfalls in the dog's readiness caused by differences in the mission, threat and environment between Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • The canine performance shortfalls identified in the MCOTEA assessment were briefed to the Office of Naval Research who developed a $6.2M combined research and prototype development program that was funded by JIEDDO.
  • Lead SME and on-site quality assurance for limited objective experiments into physiology, olfaction and stress management as part of planned product improvement.
  • Lead SME and on-site quality assurance for selection, conditioning and training of a cadre of specialized improved "IDD 2.0" dogs specializing in detection of homemade explosives to Afghanistan.
  • Lead technical expert for high-tech firm in Maryland, on a sensitive Army Rapid Equipping Force canine project blending dogs and sensors.
  • Provided top-level strategic planning services to a Dun & Bradstreet-listed provider of military and law enforcement products in support of their development of a commercial line of cutting-edge specialized canines.
  • Developed and validated "best practices" for the use of MWDs in Counter-IED and Counterinsurgency operations and production of a graphic-heavy booklet and quick reference card produced by the Army Test and Evaluation Command for use by DoD field commanders in mission planning.
Operational and training background:
  • 20-year US Air Force Military Working Dog (MWD) experience.
  • Technically certified and accredited Master Instructor for all detector courses taught at the DoD MWD school at Lackland AFB.
  • Program developer and lead instructor for the Navy Contraband Detector Dog Course.
  • Program developer and lead instructor for the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Contraband Detector Dogs (the "Beagle Brigade").
  • Superintendent of the Military Working Dog (MWD) Division at HQ Pacific Air Command (PACAF).
  • Director, Law Enforcement Operations, Headquarters, Air Force Special Operations Command, Hurlburt Field, Florida.
Government Service: Under the Intergovernmental Personnel Assignment (IPA) program, assigned as a GS-15 equivalent to the Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare and Combating Terrorism Department, Office of Naval Research (Code 30) as the Expeditionary Canine Research Program Manager
  • Established the first Department of Defense (DoD) canine research portfolio with a full range of basic to applied research programs.
  • Research portfolio included projects in the areas of olfaction, cognition, physical conditioning and sustainment, canine learning theory, canine-handler interfaces and technology integration.
  • Performers included 12 Universities in the US and UK and several commercial organizations and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Competed for and received $14.4M from a range of DoD organizations to fund canine research.
    • On source selection board for military and government Broad Area Announcement Proposal Reviews. Reviewed 100+ white papers and proposals.
    • Received two patents
    • Recognized subject matter expert on current scientific advances; spoke frequently at international and national conferences on enhancing the use of dogs for counter-IED. Provided interviews to national publications.                                                      
Contractor and Consulting Work:
  • Lead contractor (Potomac Institute for Policy Studies) for the IED Detection Dog project at the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. Responsible for all aspects of program management in the production of 21 prototype IED Detection Dogs as proof of concept for a response to USMC requirements for a totally new category of dogs.
  • Teamed to provide top-level strategic planning services to a Dun & Bradstreet-listed provider of military and law enforcement products in support of their development of a commercial line of cutting-edge specialized canines.
  • Concept developer and oversight for subcontractors supporting a high-tech firm in Maryland on a sensitive Army Rapid Equipping Force canine project blending dogs and sensors.
  • Consultant for a National Parks review of security procedures at a national monument.
Operational and Training Background:
  • 25 years US Navy law enforcement experience; 14 years enlisted and 11 years commissioned officer.
  • Chief of Dog Training Section at the DoD Military Working Dog (MWD) School, Lackland AFB.
  • Assistant Fleet Force Protection Officer and MWD Program Manager for Commander-in-Chief US Pacific Fleet (PACFLT).
  • Force Protection Officer for Commander, Logistics Pacific, US Commander-in-Chief Representative Singapore and multiple bases within the US with responsibility for police, fire and disaster preparedness response.