• In 2007, our teamed vision and technical expertise led to success in developing the first 21 prototype IED Detection dogs (IDD) for the USMC in response to an Urgent Needs Statement from Gen Jim Mattis. Requirement was for rapid fielding of hundreds of off-leash dogs providing standoff detection of IEDs at the squad level - without additional manning, extended handler training or infrastructure.

We've looked at the challenges, pitfalls and incredible benefits of using properly trained dogs in varied security profiles. Through training and evaluating thousands of attack and detection dogs, as well as large-scale operational and research program management, we have developed a comprehensive and sophisticated view of the 'art of the possible' pertaining to dogs.

Our contacts list is packed with top scientists from Auburn University, Duke University, Oklahoma State University, North Carolina State University, Cornell University, Battelle Institute and others. We’ve worked on business development planning with a Fortune 500 Company, written security plans for a national treasure and established the only basic-to-applied canine research program in the Department of Defense, managing a $14+M portfolio.



Our library of peer-reviewed journal articles, technical reports, briefings and program documentation is unparalleled in government or private practice. We understand the science and we understand how laboratory results can be used to inform operational use.