We've been program managers for operational canine programs and for canine research and development and understand the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities you have.

Canine Programs:

  • Have a question about your program’s readiness? We can develop metrics that measure your capability against known and anticipated threats and provide expert outside evaluation of your program's preparedness.
  • Our reports reduce complex questions to the underlying scientific principles and provide you with actionable recommendations. We differentiate between problems with materiel/technology solutions and problems with training solutions and provide citations to back our opinions.



Purchasing/Acquisition Programs:

  • We are highly experienced at writing and illustrating the procedures used for canine selection, conditioning and training. Don’t be satisfied purchasing a dog that is a finished product unless your trainers and handlers understand the process in enough detail to identify and correct deficiencies when they arise. We work with performers and vendors to document processes and procedures so that your trainers and handlers see what’s “behind the curtain”. Because we are not a competing kennels we have no problem with respecting proprietary information and intellectual property through non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).
  • JCIDS process management: We understand the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) including Integrated Product/Process Team (IPT) formation and leadership and the Program Objective Memorandum/Budget formulation process. We were involved with the Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) and Capability Development Document (CDD) for the Standoff Detection of Explosives and Explosive Precursors (SDE2PC) and speak fluent DOTMLPF. We have written multiple statements of work for canine procurement and have provided the screening metrics to ensure you are receiving the right dog with the right training for your mission, threat and environment.
  • We are experienced technical writers and CONOPS developers. We understand physical security and force protection and are able to match canine capabilities to objectives. And if there is not a job for a dog, we’ll be honest enough to tell you.

Science and Techology Programs:

  • Lit Reviews. We provide literature reviews specific to your areas of concern. Our inventory of peer reviewed journal articles, open source government documents and historical reports is unparalleled.

  • While you may not have a dedicated canine science and technology program, there are often questions that arise concerning the potential of dogs to be used in a range of purposes. From explosives detection to health monitoring, we have the latest peer-reviewed information and can help inform your decisions. With your vision in the forefront, we will guide you through the RFI and BAA process to ensure compliance with federal and institutional rules governing the use of live animals and the use of explosives (including homemade explosives) for research and development. We provide independent proposal reviews for feasibility, metrics and compliance with scientific principles to ensure that your investment results in findings that will stand up to peer review and provide actionable information.